One World Builders is a Perth-based builder that delivers high-quality, commercial projects (click here to see our projects) without delays, major variations or cost over-runs.




One World Builders (OWB) is a full-service builder offering design and construction for commercial projects of all sizes and complexity in Perth and Western Australia. We know how to work with each client to develop their brief into an effective design and then efficiently deliver the highest quality project. We provide quality design, construction and project management services to our clients.

Focusing on function

We build, renovate or remodel your commercial property from either your existing plans or new drawings we can design in-house. Each commercial building project is different, regardless of similarities in materials, location, scope or project size. We also undertake quality fit-outs.
We can design and build a truly tailored solution that would help your business or clients move into a property in which they can actually function.

Delivering on time and to budget

We go above and beyond to deliver the best materials and to avoid any delays. Our team of contractors have many years of experience in commercial construction and fit-outs. They come in on time and deliver on budget.

Understanding stakeholders

We understand the value of commercial projects; how they are financed with, sometimes, complex ownership; and the importance of maintaining the brand value and reputation of our clients. We know how important it is for our clients to maintain their reputation with their stakeholders. We scrutinise safety, site appearance and maintain high standards on site to make sure everything is professional if you bring investors onto your site.

Managing a specialist team

Our focus on sub-contractor and consultant collaboration ensures safety standards are maintained, efficient use of resources and that good relationships are maintained on site. Our team of specialists includes:

Licensed trades plumbers, electricians and painters

Architects and draftsmen

Demolition and earth works crew

Landscapers and interior designers

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